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team building activities

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FICO EATALY WORLD: brend new experience in Bologna

Let's visit FICO Eataly World and discover the largest agri-food park in the world!

Food tours, courses, animals and crops areas, all the Italian products from the origin to the produce in only one place.

Cooking class 


Let's start a cooking class with our chefs who teach how to act in order to prepare a dinner menu from starter to dessert! Aprons, chef hats, kitchen tools and  your fantasy they are the basic ingredients to cook a whole menu for all the group. Fun and taste rule!


the art of Pasta Sfoglia making

Try a unique experience of homemade pasta sfoglia making under the guide of our expert "sfogline". They will give you all the necessary tools and tips to make a perfect pasta sfoglia the basis for Emilian traditional dishes such as tagliatelle, lasagne, tortellini and tortelloni. 



In the stunning setting of the ancient wine cellars of Villa Loup you can have a unique experience of wine tasting. Our expert maitre will guide you in the world of tasting of Italian wines together with the correct matching of food. At the end of your dinner you can have also a cigar and rhum tasting.


Food tours

In the surroundings you can have lots of opportunity to visit agritursmi or food factories in order to see and taste from the beggining to the end our local products such us cheese, cold meats, wine, flour. 


Team inflatable games

We can offer you a large choice of funny and engaging outdoor games which create competition and amusment among the participants.


Archery course

A professional master in archery will introduce you in this fascinating art.

We can set up a game field inside our park where you can put to the test your abilities of precision and concentration. 


discover secular plants and spontaneus herbs

With the help of an expert herbalist you can discover the secular tree of our garden and the proprieties of the spontaneus herbs which grow in the fields in the surroundings. 


staring at the sky

We can organize a guided tour at the Observatory of Bologna University placed in Loiano just few kilometers from the hotel. A professional staff will introduce you in the world of stars and planets and show you how it works all the machines to observe the night sky.

Outdoor adventure games 


We can put at your disposal our chestnut wood where you can have the chance to improve your abilities to adapt in some of the survival programs made by some expert coaches. Moreover we can set up some adventure games such as: soft air challenge, tree climbing, trials with Jeep or quad, special trekking courses, nordic walking practicing programs and other outdoor activities.



At the end of an intensive workday you can pamper yourself at Bibele MedSpa. You can relax inside warm whirpool swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and moreover you can book a body massage. We can also organize Yoga classes.

If you want to make your and your staff experience even more exciting and constructive, please do not hesitate to contact us for a customised bid on your needs: we can arrange, thanks to the support of highly qualified educators, any kind of Team-Building and motivational activity requested by you.

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