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Palazzo Loup History

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Palazzo Loup, formerly Villa delle Fratte, it is an 18th century dwelling placed in Scanello (Loiano), 30 km away from Bologna city center on the historic Futa Road. Villa delle Fratte was built on the ruins of Scanello Castle on the lands that in Medieval times were owned by Matilda di Canossa and later they were donated to the Archbishop of Pisa. During the centuries lots of noble families such has the Calderini, the Taruffi and the Massa spent here some of their time in Palazzo Loup. The Massa family had the honour to host in 1805 Pope Pius 7th. He stayed here to rest from the long journey on the way back to Rome from Paris where he had just crowned Emperor Napoleone Bonaparte. The Loup name comes from the notable owner Luigi Loup, a noble Swiss agronomist who turned the estate of Scanello in an example of modern farm. In the 18th century he was all over known to be active in the political life above all because he was open-minded and innovative for the time.

Under his "Regency", here it was celebrated what historians recognize as the "Secret Meeting" of 1859. The meeting aimed to the monetary unification of several kingdoms and duchies which formed the political structure of Central-Northern Italy at that period. Two years later, in 1861 that event leaded to the reunification of Italy kingdom under the power of Vittorio Emanuele 2nd. Marco Minghetti, Bettino Ricasoli, Luigi Carlo Farini, Leonetto Cipriani and Rodolfo Audinot are some of the most important political men of the period who took part at this meeting.

The meeting was the first important step toward national unification. Luigi Loup provided his residence for the event because of its short distance from Bologna and Florence border, but above all because of his strong friendship with Bolognese political men and his well-known charismatic identity. During the meeting it was accomplished an epoch-making decision: the adoption of Lira, the Italian currency since 1st March 2002. A plaque affixed by Luigi Loup at the 1st floor of the residence proves that event. 

In recent times, May 2009, Scanello Committee was created to celebrate properly the 150th anniversary of monetary unification. Chairman of the Committee is Remo Baldassarri, current owner of Palazzo Loup, and President of the local Lions Club.   

Celebrations for the 150th anniversary began 28th September 2009 with a public ceremony at the Province Hall of Bologna.

On 22nd November 2009 it was held at Palazzo Loup the Conference "From the Italian currency to the European currency" at the opening ceremony, it was handed a copy of the original tricolore flag which was born in Reggio Emilia on 7 January 1797.

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