Palazzo Loup Hotel - Loiano  Bologna - Restaurant Congress Centre Wellness Wedding and Events

Via Santa Margherita, 21- 40050 Loiano (Bologna) Italy Tel.: 0039 051 6544040 E-mail: info@palazzo-loup.it




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Palazzo Loup is surrounded by a garden of 10.000 sq.m with trees and plants of hundreds of years.

Our major proud is Deodara Cedar tree: it is 22m high with a circumference that needs 4 people to be embraced.

The top of tree it was cut by a splinter grenade during Second World War which was particulary cruel in this area.

The same fate for the two cypresses at the side of the main gate. They are the last samples of a long row which once led from the street to Villa Loup entry.

We have another majestic plant in the back garden: Taxus Baccata an evergreen plant with a very slow growth. It is 20m high and experts say it may be 700 years old!

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